What is SAP Leonardo?
Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

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Leonardo is set to be the hot SAP topic of 2018. As the Director of SAP Technology here at AgilityWorks, and as a fan of all things innovation, I am inundated by questions from colleagues and clients on the topic.

What is SAP Leonardo?

Is SAP Leonardo only relevant for IoT solutions?

Why is SAP Leonardo relevant?

The underlying feedback is that whilst there is a wealth of information available, it is still difficult to get to the heart of what value this new technology can deliver to the business.

This isn’t unexpected, of course. SAP describes Leonardo as a ‘digital innovation system’, and this label in itself is correct, but extremely broad. The solution encompasses IoT, Machine Learning, Analytics, Design Thinking, Blockchain…the list goes on. Adding to the complexity, Leonardo isn’t really intended to be ‘tied down’ to any particular technology. It is designed to encompass anything that is considered ‘new’, and can accommodate as yet unknown technologies as they come to fruition.

Is it any wonder then, why actual business use cases can be so hard to define, and real business benefit hard to quantify?

It is this which I look to address with my Leonardo FAQ. Written in two parts, first I go through the most common questions around use cases and approach, then in part two I drill down into the technology detail. The idea is that this page becomes a full library of questions and answers over time, where I will add questions from colleagues and clients as they come up, and encourage readers to submit their own questions to be added.

So please, if you have any lingering questions that even Google can’t provide answers to, submit them through our FAQ page – we’ll navigate this ground-breaking technology together!


Take a look at our Leonardo FAQ

Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

Gareth is the Director of SAP Technology and SAP mentor with a long history spent battling SAP’s many development approaches, UI technologies and related revolutions. He specialises in delivering simple process driven solutions with a heavy focus on quality UX and getting the most from technology. As an SAP Mentor, he also devotes time to the broader SAP ecosphere, as well as helping with community engagement and events. When away from the office, he loves exploring, collecting and listening to all sorts of music.

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