Understand the key features of SAP’s new Hybris Service Engagement Centre
James Hough
By James Hough

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For SAP customers looking for a customer service solution, 2017 sees the arrival in Europe of SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre.


What is it?

This is SAP’s first cloud-based solution designed specifically for customer contact centres that has the ability  to be scaled to high contact volumes. The size of a customer service team can vary immensely, from a small team of 5-10 customer service representatives to a national call centre operation with 100+ employees. Customer service roles can also vary, with many organisations structuring their teams around different channels, activities, or skill-sets, such as General Enquiries, Billing Enquiries and Social Media. But in common is the need to provide customer service and support consistently across multiple channels, and with the right context, and to do this users need to be able to:

  • Deal with multiple channels (e.g., social, phone, email, online) in a consistent way
  • Easily and quickly see relevant customer information
  • Have key information and functions all in one place
  • Quickly process a customer request from a queue
  • Work on several processes and requests at the same time

SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre is designed to provide a centralised environment from which customer service representatives can support customers. Key capabilities include:

  • Service representatives can work on several business processes and communication requests simultaneously, within one browser window
  • An “Engagement Context” to keep the service representative informed. A dedicated engagement context is created for each incoming communication
  • Service Tickets and Interaction Log/History
  • Email Response Management
  • Pre-delivered reports.


Improve your customer’s journey

SAP is positioning SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre as a standalone solution to provide customer support for “low touch” customer contacts such as a product or shipment date query. In particular SAP are emphasising the potential value of the solution to support the pre-purchase and buying stages of a customer journey. Increasing the resolution of these types of requests will improve buying propensity and customer satisfaction.

SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre is also designed to be integrated with other complementary SAP solutions to cater for post-purchase and other “high touch” customer service scenarios, for example a product repair requests or taking a sales order, which require more time and process steps to fulfil.  Integration to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer will support the end-to-end service process, from the initial request to resolution, including field service scheduling, visit management, and spare parts management where required. Integration to SAP ERP or SAP Hybris Commerce storefront will support taking a sales order.


Communication handling and routing

Like other customer management solutions, SAP Hybris Service Engagement provides the system of record and business process layer. If integrated communications handling and routing across voice, chat, email, and video are required then you will also need a multi-channel communications solution.

Many organisations will already have a chosen communications solution provider in place, but it’s worth noting that SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre is delivered with standard integration to SAP Contact Centre, which is SAP’s IP-based multi-channel communications solution for inbound and outbound customer contact handling and routing.

There’s also standard integration for service representatives to interact with customers on SAP JAM Communities, a cloud-based solution that provides a collaborative environment to customers for peer reviews, product recommendations, and questions and answers.


What standard integration is there to other SAP solutions?

Currently SAP provides the following standard integration with SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre:

  • Integration with SAP ERP
    • Customer
    • Material
    • Pricing
    • Sales Order
  • Integration to SAP Hybris Commerce as a Service (CaaS) storefront
    • Customers contact using video or text chat
    • Sales Order
  • Integration to SAP Contact Centre for Web Real Time Communication Video (WebRTC), Text Chat, and Voice (phone)
  • Integration to SAP Jam communities.


Should I be interested?

If you are an SAP customer looking for a customer service solution then SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre should be on your list of options to review, especially if you are looking to improve customer support for online sales.

The initial solution offering is limited, and SAP will need to address a number of areas to create a fully-fledged customer engagement solution. In particular:

  • No function to create an Account from an incoming phone call
  • Pre-delivered report content is light and there are no dashboards
  • Workflow capabilities need to be extended, for example re-trying failed rules
  • No in-built knowledge base or standard integration to SAP Knowledge Central by Mindtouch
  • No social media integration, only SAP JAM Communities integration
  • No standard integration to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.


The good news is that as with other SAP cloud customer engagement and commerce solutions, SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre will be upgraded quarterly, so we expect SAP to quickly build out on the initial functionality offering. The next upgrade is February 2017.

As of January 2017, SAP Hybris Service Engagement Centre is currently only available in North America and Germany, with the next country roll-out to the UK expected in Q1.


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James Hough
By James Hough

James is the Customer Engagement and Commerce Capability Lead at AgilityWorks. He advises clients in IT-enabled sales, service, and marketing business transformation, and has recently led a series of global projects leveraging cloud and digital solutions.

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