The top three takeaways from SAP TechEd 2015 (Barcelona) you need to know going into 2016
Devashish Bharti
By Devashish Bharti

With TechEd ending and my flight not leaving for another few hours, I have had some time to reflect on the last 3 days. This year’s event was special for me, as after more than a decade in the SAP world, I attended for the first time in a speaker capacity. Here are, in my opinion the three key takeaways you need to be aware of going into 2016: 

  1. Understand business challenges before applying technology

When Steve Lucas started the Key Note on 10th Nov, the focus was purely on how to “digitalise” an enterprise. He focused on challenges faced by companies in today’s digital world and how SAP is helping them get past these challenges.

The following day, Bjorn Goerke astounded the whole community by building a “Martian” app in a 60 min key note session! Looking closely at these 2 key notes, there was a sequence and logic behind: Business followed by technology.

Look and understand the business challenges first, only then can you bring in the right technology. Technology is an important enabler but worthless if it does not address a specific business problem (unless disruption is the motive!).

  1. (Industrial) Internet of Things is here

Yes, consumer IoT has led the way as far as Internet of Things is concerned. But Industry is quickly catching up and SAP has propelled itself to create quite a few use cases around IoT. There were a lot of sessions around IoT this year, indicating that 2016 will see more solutions and implementations taking place around IoT. From a developer perspective, order a sensor right away from amazon or ebay along with an Arduino or Raspberry PI and crack along using SAP’s IoT Starter pack!

If you missed my session at TechEd on how to build an IoT user scenario check out this video and see how I built one for the agricultural industry.

Dev's Iot Video Demo

  1. Cloud is the way forward

Apologies if I come out harsh, but whether you have been living an ABAP life or using SAP Java for last couple of decades it doesn’t matter! SAP is moving beyond these challenges by offering support to various developer languages. When CloudFoundry on HANA Cloud Platform becomes truly operational, BYOL will kick in – and again it won’t matter which language you work in.

SAP is pushing in more and more services into HCP making it the go-to-cloud platform for all business application services across SaaS and On-premise models (traditional ERP, C4C, Ariba, Hybris or the latest S/4). This is fantastic from a business benefit perspective as HCP is converging various business applications onto one platform. So get yourself an HCP trial account (if not already) to trial out various services. Onus lies on you to trial it and join the wave!

 Hope this blog was useful. But do you agree or have I missed something which should be in our top-3 list?

Devashish Bharti
By Devashish Bharti

Dev is an enthusiastic leader with extensive experience in leading IT Programmes across sectors - Consumer Products and Goods, Manufacturing, Healthcare / Pharma, Retail, and Public Sector. His speciality is in the areas of Enterprise Information Management, Cloud (SAP HANA, AWS and Azure) and Enterprise Mobility (B2B, B2C, and B2E) incl. User Experience. He is a keen follower of tech and keeps himself busy during his spare time working on IoT projects (Arduino). E.g. Soil moisture monitor for indoor plants, fitness dashboard etc.

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