Take control of your processes with next generation process analytics
James Blackburn
By James Blackburn

What control does your business have over its processes? How efficient are your internal operations? And what’s the downstream impact when things go wrong? Many organisations struggle to answer these questions and can only dream of a crystal clear view of their end-to-end processes. Yet this clarity will not only enable greater process control, it can significantly improve operational efficiency, as well as provide a competitive advantage.

With more process transparency you can determine which problems, bottlenecks and deviations in your business processes you should try to resolve first. You can also assess the extent to which your processes are compliant with your modeled process. And you can evaluate the risk of non-compliance in your process controls and take the necessary remedial steps.

New technology promises to breakdown some of the typical barriers that have prevented organisations from achieving their desired level of process visibility and control. Traditional business intelligence tools fail to provide a transparent view of the end-to-end process. And data tools often fail to provide real-time replication of data across multiple sources into a single real-time data provider.

Two new innovative products, SAP Process Mining by Celonis and SAP Operational Process Intelligence, promise to break down the common barriers and offer organisations greater visibility and control over their processes. In a series of up-coming events, we will lift the lid on these two technologies to showcase the business benefits they can deliver.  

For an overview of the software including live demonstrations please download our latest webinar recording  by visiting the following link - Here

Perfect Process Webinar Download

James Blackburn
By James Blackburn

James is a Principal Consultant with a specialism in Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence. He is passionate about helping companies improve performance via data-driven solutions and has recently lead a series of data quality projects across a number of global companies.

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