SAP Fiori Cloud Edition: Your questions answered
Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

aw-51_Cropped.jpgAt the end of the recent SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition webinar there were a lot of questions asked that we simply didn’t have time to answer.  We thought it would be useful to capture them and share as a blog post here.


Remember, if you missed the webinar you can still watch a recording of it here:

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Your questions:

  • What is the roadmap of Personas technology?
    Personas wasn’t covered in the webinar as we were focusing on Fiori, however we recognise that many customers may be looking at these two technologies as part of a broader initiative. The official SAP roadmap for UI technologies found here  is probably the best overview – check out slide 39 onwards. (Thanks to my fellow SAP Mentor, & Personas guru, Steve Rumsby for sharing this.)
  • Will HCI OData service in Cloud have similar structure to SEGW project?
    The OData services exposing your business logic and data do not change between the on premise and cloud editions of Fiori, as they are always delivered by the backend SAP system. HCI OData Provisioning is the cloud version of on premise Gateway, and should be available late into Q1, 2016.
  • Can we switch from on premise to cloud capability and vice versa?
    Yes, this is perfectly feasible if you so wish. Please bear in mind there may be technical effort required to achieve this switch.
  • What is the earliest release of SAP that can use Fiori Cloud Edition? We're on ECC 6 with NetWeaver 7.31, could we use it?
    Fiori, Cloud Edition removes the complexity around patching and supporting different versions of the core SAPUI5 libraries and associated tools, therefore the requirements you need to check are for the specific applications you wish to use – this information can be found in the official SAP Fiori Library here
  • If we start adopting Fiori Cloud Edition, can this be considered as the replacement for on premise SAP NetWeaver portal?
    It very much depends on how you use your existing Portal. Currently, there is no direct route to migrate ALL Enterprise Portal content across to Fiori (such as Portal API, Web Dynpro, etc.)  However, SAP HANA Cloud Platform does offer both Fiori Cloud and Portal solutions along with numerous supporting tools - the general strategy from SAP at the moment is to use the HCP tooling for new solutions.  We firmly believe we will see more and more improvements in this area as SAP develops the cloud capabilities around Portal and Fiori, so the full move from on premise NetWeaver to cloud is still evolving.
  • Can custom apps be built using the Q1 release of Fiori Cloud Edition over HCP?
    Absolutely yes. Fiori, Cloud Edition comes with the toolset in HCP (WebIDE, Theme Designer, etc.) to enable full development and management of custom applications.
  • Moving to the cloud, is there any performance difference either in connectivity of the services or fetching the data?
    There is no way to give an absolute answer, where there are so many unknown variables due to network variations and limitations. Generally, the same network performance issues will affect both on premise and cloud editions to similar levels.  With the cloud edition however you always have access to the latest, most stable and performant codebase for the Fiori apps without the need to manage your own patching of such – you will feel the benefit of any performance improvements SAP release immediately.
  • Do you support webMethods as an integration platform between cloud edition and on premise?
    Fiori apps interact with the backend SAP landscape using a combination of Gateway and Cloud Connector. There is generally no benefit from another integration platform in the architecture.
  • We have multiple companies with multiple brands, one of the current limitation is the ability to brand by legal entity. Is this any different with the cloud offering?
    It is possible to deploy multiple Launchpads for different groups of users so in principle this could be accomplished, however it would require specific investigation to resolve how users are assigned to the different launchpads and whether an automated or manual solution would be best.
  • Are there any complications using HCI OData currently due to which it is not available in the trial version?
    HCI OData Provisioning (the cloud version of Gateway) is a separate product stream to Fiori within SAP and hence the development and product teams of both are working to different timelines and roadmaps. There are no complications other than managing the timelines of these two products before SAP releases them!
  • Do you support SSO for mobility?
    SSO can be a complex challenge for any project that requires integration across multiple systems. HCP and therefore Fiori Cloud Edition support multiple approaches to SSO but the best solution should always be assessed based on a customer’s individual landscape and specific SSO requirements.
  • Are Fiori Cloud data centres aligned to SuccessFactors data centres or different? Where are they based?
    The Fiori Cloud edition runs on SAP’s existing HCP platform.  SAP are continuously expanding and refining their data centre locations and usage to ensure the best service for its many cloud based offerings.  To get an accurate answer, it is best to check SAP’s own documentation on the subject, found here.

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please submit your question below and Gareth will be in touch shortly. 

Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

Gareth is the Director of SAP Technology and SAP mentor with a long history spent battling SAP’s many development approaches, UI technologies and related revolutions. He specialises in delivering simple process driven solutions with a heavy focus on quality UX and getting the most from technology. As an SAP Mentor, he also devotes time to the broader SAP ecosphere, as well as helping with community engagement and events. When away from the office, he loves exploring, collecting and listening to all sorts of music.

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