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Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

In today’s world end-to-end business processes span multiple systems, deal with structured data and streamed data from social media feeds, RFIDs, sensors, clickstreams, etc. The question is how to make sense of all of this data, provide information on performance, KPIs, trends, and ensure that processes stays on track?


SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA (OPInt for short) provides the answer. OPInt is a decision support software that provides intelligence and insights into business operations, supports smarter decisions, and reaches successful business outcomes on BIG processes. OPInt enables insight into every phase of a business process. Abstract technical details are transformed into user friendly views allowing users to track progress easily via KPIs and predict process completion times. This results in higher operational responsiveness and efficient business operations.


How is OPInt different from existing tools?

NetWeaver BPM and NetWeaver Workflow work by creating a process on top of and between existing systems. OPInt on the other hand listens to Business Events and reports on what is happening, compares these events to a model of how the events should behave and reports back when the events do not follow the expected pattern. For example in a wholesale business you might expect less than 5 minutes between a sales order being created and the delivery being created. In OPInt you would create a model to listen to these two Business Events and calculate if the model is being followed. OPInt can also make predictions on what will happen in the future based on historical data.

How does it work?

To model a process in OPInt we need to turn technical events into business events. We can use SAP BPM and SAP Business Workflow to achieve this. OPInt comes with built in parsers to import BPMN and Business workflow definitions, after which you can pick the steps that you are interested in together with data from the process context. For SAP systems we need to use a transaction called Process Observer (on the ABAP stack) to create a Process Facade on top of technical events. These Process facades can then be imported into OPInt. If on the other hand we want to get events from non-SAP (third party) systems we need to use the Sybase Event Streaming Platform, Event Insight. Event Insight allows listening agents to be deployed next to third party systems to pick up technical events and correlate these into business events that can then be fed into OPInt. In this way OPInt can get an end-to-end view of the BIG process we are interested in.



OPInt allows you to put real-time intelligence into your end-to-end processes so that your decisions are aligned to your tactical and strategic goals. These operational decisions deal with the routine decisions involved with running your daily business operations. They may have less importance (or impact) than strategic or tactical decisions but they occur at a much higher frequency and can impact specific relationships with customers and suppliers. It’s in this cumulative effect where the business impact and benefits of OPInt will be felt.

Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

Krishneel is a Senior Integration Consultant in the Data, Technology & Insights team and Connected Cloud Enterprise™. He is a certified PI Consultant and well experienced with PI, HCI, Dell Boomi, and NetWeaver Gateway, having been involved in a large number of projects in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He is well versed in all aspects of a full software lifecycle, pre-sales engagements, delivering training courses, and knowledge transfer sessions. Outside of work Krishneel enjoys playing sports, reading journals and listening to good music.

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