SAP NetWeaver Gateway the Key to Unlocking Your Business Data
Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

In today’s market there is an ever increasing range of web applications, mobile devices, cloud applications and social media available to end users. One thing all of these have in common is their insatiable need for business data. Trying to access this data can turn into a major headache for developers if the API for each business system requires the use of proprietary protocols. What would make a developer’s job easier is something that can hide the technical complexities of a system landscape behind a single interface that is easy-to-use and non-proprietary. SAP NetWeaver Gateway does just this!

Unlocking information in SAP systems requires the use of ABAP developers which are expensive. Each new environment requires a new development project and there is a high cost associated with this. SAP NetWeaver Gateway simplifies all this by providing an API to access business data and functionality in your SAP systems through the use of the Open Data (OData) protocol. The whole focus of Gateway is to make SAP business data and functionality as easy to consume as possible regardless of platform.

The main audience for the consumption of Gateway services are non-SAP developers. The use of the OData protocol ensures that these developers will be able to create applications that interface directly to an SAP system without needing to have any prior understanding of the internal workings of that SAP system.

Consumption of data through SAP NetWeaver Gateway does not require the use of any SAP proprietary software or protocols. It does not impose any requirement on you to be able to write code in ABAP or have any understanding on the internal workings of an SAP system. You can use commonly available development tools such as Microsoft .Net, or Open Source languages such as Ember .js, Ruby, or PHP, to create user interfaces for SAP business data and functionality by consuming OData messages coming out of an SAP NetWeaver Gateway server via HTTP(S).

SAP NetWeaver Gateway has been designed to conform completely to the six architectural constraints that define a RESTful software system. This allows you to access SAP business data through a uniform, stateless interface to any software system that can communicate using HTTP(S) and can understand XML or JSON based messages. By REST-enabling your SAP system, SAP NetWeaver Gateway lowers the data consumption barrier to the point that no specialist knowledge of an SAP system is required before SAP business data and functionality can be consumed.

We have recently implemented SAP Gateway at Bristol Water Limited, where Bristol Water wanted to improve their customer service through a re-design of their website. The website was non-SAP based and developed by a third party vendor who had no prior knowledge of Bristol Water’s backend SAP systems. In order to expose the SAP business data on Bristol Water’s SAP CRM system and SAP ECC system, we installed and configured SAP NetWeaver Gateway. A number of OData services were built on SAP NetWeaver Gateway which allowed the website at real-time to successfully send and retrieve SAP business data using HTTP requests.

Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

Krishneel is a Senior Integration Consultant in the Data, Technology & Insights team and Connected Cloud Enterprise™. He is a certified PI Consultant and well experienced with PI, HCI, Dell Boomi, and NetWeaver Gateway, having been involved in a large number of projects in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He is well versed in all aspects of a full software lifecycle, pre-sales engagements, delivering training courses, and knowledge transfer sessions. Outside of work Krishneel enjoys playing sports, reading journals and listening to good music.

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