SAP HANA Seeing Is Believing
Matt Potts
By Matt Potts

We have now successfully run a number of our SAP HANA 'Get Up To Speed' workshops with some really positive comments from our customers.

The aim of the session is to bring people up to speed with the SAP HANA product from a technical viewpoint and also help them understand how the technology will fit into their organisation, add value and drive improved business performance.

One of the underlying principles of the session, as like other workshops we are running on other key SAP technologies, is to showcase the product and take customers through an end to end build of a business solution during the day. This enables us to cut through the plethora of sales and marketing material that our competitors are pushing out in the market and show how the product is used in application.

The feedback has been fantastic and the opportunity to see the product via demonstrations has been a key positive from the attendees. The ability to see the technology in action helps to dispel many myths and preconceptions, particularly around how flexible the product is and how quickly it can start to add value within your organisation, seeing is believing . . .

The other thing we have learnt is that most organisations haven't been able to properly assess the opportunity and value HANA will have on their business and also the impact on the information strategy and infrastructure. Our workshop allows the HANA system to be seen in action and answers all the key issues you need to know in an open and interactive session.

During the one day workshop, a full end to end solution is built in the area of financial analytics, encompassing a number of functionalities and related SAP technologies. We cover all of the key topics around the HANA subject to give you a sound overview of this industry changing technology.

There is also the opportunity to see how SAP HANA can be used to build new innovative solutions and allow your business to gain a competitive advantage. During the session we also show you demos around the following:

  • Using HANA for predictive analytics - move from a state of 'what happened' to 'what will happen'
  • Using HANA to capture real time events using sensor data capture – understand what is happening in the business real time
  • Using HANA to analyse real time social sentiment – analyse and act on what your customers are saying
  • Using HANA to analyse a multi-million data set with a sub-second response – remove time consuming, incomplete reporting

Our customers are also telling us that they are uncertain of the logical starting point for a HANA investment and implementation and that the workshop helps them to understand the various deployment options and some flexible and alternative entry points to start using the product in a shortened time frame.

If you are interested in attending a future workshop and to find out more please click here, this will give you all you need to know around content, location and dates.

Please be sure to check out our other workshop events here.

Matt Potts
By Matt Potts

Matt Potts is Solution Principal for Business Insights, specialising in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Matt has worked in the BI domain for over 8 years, helping organisations turn their data into actionable business insights through the use of agile BI platforms and delivery models. He is involved with multiple clients across varying lines of business and industries, working with them to ensure they realise the value from their investment in BI technologies. Outside of work Matt enjoys running, cycling and watching a range of sports and is kept busy by DIY projects at home.

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