SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence Rapid Deployment Solution
Jennifer Millard
By Jennifer Millard

Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) is a suite of 4 customer focused HANA applications; enabling sales and marketing teams to understand and respond to changing customer needs and expectations, in real-time.

The applications delivered within the CEI suite are:
• SAP Audience and Discovery
• SAP Customer Value Intelligence
• SAP Integration into CRM Sales and Marketing
• SAP Social Contact Intelligence

This blog describes the functions of the SAP Customer Value Intelligence (CVI) application; and how CVI utilizes multiple data sources and predictive analytics to offer real insights and value to sales professionals and marketers.

CVI in Detail

SAP CVI provides a host of functionality to help with investing the right resources into the right customer, products and channels. CVI consolidates front- and back- office customer data from a range of data sources to provide an integrated view of customer data. Predictive analytics are used to provide scorecards, buying propensity, margin decomposition, product recommendations and more. It is possible to analyze individual customers or groups of customers.
When analyzing individual customers the following analysis tools are available:


Displays customer information from source systems (such as SAP CRM or ECC) and ranks customers and customer KPIs (A,B,C,D) against a customer peer group, for example customer lifetime value and buying propensity are ranked against other customer of the same industry, region or sales organization. The customer receives an overall ranking, such as core, opportunistic, marginal or service drain. This rankings can be used later within stratification to create target groups.


White Space Analysis

Allows analysis of purchasing potential by comparing the purchasing behavior of the selected customer with that of the peer group. Actual purchases and potential purchases are displayed, such as product group or individual products.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis displays Margin Decomposition, Top Product Recommendations and Buying History.


Displays all SAP CRM and social (i.e. Twitter/Facebook) interactions with the ability to drill down into the source document within SAP CRM.

Customer 360

This displays a 360 view of the customer key performance metrics with drill downs to KPI values. The customer 360 allow sales teams to be guided on suggested products and to understand customer performance and trends.
Groups of customers can be analyzed by: Relationships, Margin Decomposition, Stratification and a number of provided Business Objects reports. Here we will just cover stratification.


Stratification enables analysis of accounts based on their scorecards. As mentioned earlier the customer score card is a customer rating based on the source data and calculated by CEI against a peer group.

Customers can be filtered by numerous criteria and are displayed as dots within the quadrant chart, if a dot is clicked then the customer is highlighted within the customer list:

Once the appropriate filters have been selected, a target group can be created by dragging the mouse over the customers within the quadrant, for instance, a target group could be created for ‘Marginal’ customers within the North region. This is one of the real benefits of CEI and is much more intuitive and powerful than target group creation, or customer insight, currently available within SAP CRM.

CVI Integration

CVI integrates with numerous data sources and processes, for use within its statistical models and analytics, to enable intuitive closed-loop processes:


SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence can be delivered as an SAP Rapid Deployment Solution within 8 – 10 weeks and offers a viable alternative to traditional methods of sales and marketing analysis.

The key take-away features of CVI are:

• Real-time visibility of your customers:

  • For revenue, margin, lifetime value, churn, engagement, and satisfaction
  • Across the front office, back office, legacy systems, and third-party and social sources
  • In real time, for high data volumes

• Grow revenue and margin strategically:

  • Investment in the right go-to-market resources with the right customers for growth
  • Stratification, segmentation, and playbooks to manage differentiated treatment

• Guided and consistent sales execution:

  • Increased account penetration with up- and cross-sell recommendations
  • Closed-loop action to insight directly into SAP CRM

Next Steps

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Jennifer Millard
By Jennifer Millard

Jennifer is AgilityWorks' resident Growth Hacker, working tirelessly with each business unit to bring you the latest and greatest technology and software innovations on the market. In her free time Jennifer is a keen cyclist, although she seems to spend more time falling off the bike than riding it.

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