Five things we’ve learned from the latest SAP Process Orchestration Roadmap
Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) combines SAP Process Integration (PI), SAP Business Process Management (BPM), and SAP Business Rules Management (BRM) into one integrated solution. Earlier this year the latest PO product road map was released. While the roadmap covers a number of important topics this blog focuses on five key points, briefly explains them, and highlights why we think they are important.


Key Points 1. Enhanced operations
There are plans to improve PO’s runtime availability via near-zero downtime maintenance. More specifically, reduce the downtime when a new service pack or a new enhancement pack is applied to a Java only PO installation. The aim is to bring this down to 30mins or 1 hour maximum, with the eventual goal of PO always being up and no downtime to the business. This will greatly benefit customers as it will mean no disruptions to their business operations, and also maintenance can be carried out during their normal business hours saving time and money.

2. More connectivity options
Additional adapters will become available for PI. These include the Web Service adapter, enhancements to SuccessFactors adapter by adding OData support and Ad-Hoc query support, OData adapter, and REST adapter. Currently there is an ABAP based NetWever Gateway tool which does OData provisioning. SAP wants to bring these Gateway capabilities as a service onto the PO platform. Functionally it will have similar capabilities to NetWeaver Gateway so you can connect to multiple backend SAP systems, configure services on these backend systems and expose them as OData to consumers. This will save time and money for those customers that already have PO as they won’t need to set up a separate Gateway hub to connect to their SAP systems.

3. Single integration platform
In the future SAP would like to have one platform that covers all the integration needs instead of different individual solutions. One single solution would address the needs of multiple integration domains such as user-centric integration, application integration and B2B. This is important because it would save customers money on licensing costs and also from a maintenance perspective it is easier to maintain and monitor a single integration platform rather than different individual solutions.

4. Flexible deployment options
Future versions of PO will have flexible deployment options in order for users to decide where exactly their integration scenarios should run. Capabilities will be shared between PI and HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) as well as a single repository for all integration content. This is important because it will save on development time and costs. Looking at the repository content we will be able to reuse integration flows, and also leverage the same adapters and connectivity options.

5. Enabling intelligent business operations
In the future we will be able to build smarter business processes by infusing intelligence into process execution. This is referred to as Intelligent Business Operations and it is the combination of PO and Operation Process Intelligence (OPInt), which brings intelligence into the business processes, makes them smarter, and on-time. It will be optimised by SAP HANA, providing accelerators for specific scenarios and a Virtual Data Model for Process Orchestration. This tight integration between process execution and intelligence will be important because it gives us greater process visibility and react quicker to certain events.

The planned innovations and future direction look promising and we feel PO is definitely moving in the right direction as it will make integration tasks and maintenance of the platform significantly easier.


Krishneel Goundar
By Krishneel Goundar

Krishneel is a Senior Integration Consultant in the Data, Technology & Insights team and Connected Cloud Enterprise™. He is a certified PI Consultant and well experienced with PI, HCI, Dell Boomi, and NetWeaver Gateway, having been involved in a large number of projects in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He is well versed in all aspects of a full software lifecycle, pre-sales engagements, delivering training courses, and knowledge transfer sessions. Outside of work Krishneel enjoys playing sports, reading journals and listening to good music.

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