iPaaS Innovations – Dell Boomi’s ‘crowd sourced’ integration
Tom Devonald
By Tom Devonald

The cloud has progressively become a more significant part of our everyday lives and is now at the point where it seems like we can’t escape using it, whether it be through Google Drive, Spotify, Netflix or any one of the thousands of other cloud based services.


It is not just our personal lives that have been impacted, the cloud has had a huge effect on the integration world with iPaaS tools now being built for the cloud. These new tools have a wide range of new cloud based features that make integration significantly easier than previous on premise integration tools. This blog specifically looks at the cloud enabled features that Dell Boomi provides to reduce the time and effort spent on some of the more complex areas of integration such as mapping and error resolution.

Whilst the idea of a ‘knowledge base’ is not new, when Dell Boomi introduced their version it was a first for integration. Dell Boomi’s ‘knowledge base’ enables two features; Boomi Suggest and Boomi Resolve. Both came about when Dell analysed the metadata gathered from integrations running on their platform and realised that not only was there a need for some automated assistance but that thanks to their knowledge base they had the tools needed to provide them. For example, Boomi’s analysis found that just 10 error messages accounted for 50% of the 17 million errors analysed, and the top 100 error messages made up 80% of the total number.

This realisation gave birth to Boomi Resolve. Instead of the user spending their time trying to work through an error, Boomi Resolve will give possible resolutions to some error messages in order to aid with de-bugging. As this feature is powered through the collected metadata, it will only become more mature over time and will aid with resolving more and more errors over the coming months and years. The video below shows how easily and quickly Boomi Resolve can help users overcome error messages.

Dell Boomi’s most recognised cloud feature is Boomi Suggest. Most integration developers will speak about the time consumed by creating mapping transformations. Boomi Suggest gives this process a kick start by suggesting mappings between the source and destination formats. Again, like Boomi Resolve, this feature is crowd-sourced based on the metadata collected from existing processes. As you can see in the below video, most suggestions in common integration scenarios are already very accurate and again will only improve with time. Boomi Suggest splits its mapping suggestions into high, medium and low confidence and allows the user to review, and change if necessary, any mappings before they are made. Once they are accepted by the user they can be undone or changed through the drag and drop mapping tool provided by Dell Boomi.

Boomi Suggest Video Demo

As I've shown in this blog, Dell Boomi’s cloud features are not like other software enhancements or upgrades that might offer marginal improvements in usability. These cloud features are unique in the iPaaS market, and we look forward to seeing how else Dell Boomi can leverage this knowledge base.


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Tom Devonald
By Tom Devonald

Tom is a consultant working in the integration space at AgilityWorks and spends a lot of time working with various iPaaS tools to help organisations realise the benefits that they have to offer. Outside of work, Tom is a keen runner and enjoys spending his time watching nearly any type of sport!

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