Graduate series: Gain the consulting DNA experience the AW way
Munthir Wagieallah
By Munthir Wagieallah

_If you want to achieve you make your own path._ (1)

Data Associate Consultant Munthir Wagieallah joined AgilityWorks from Brunel University, and in the third and final installment of our Graduate blog series, he tells us about his experience.

At AgilityWorks we usually get involved in the projects throughout their full life cycle. So, we begin in the project at the groundwork phase and stay with the project right through to the end, when it's live.

Currently, I am a Data migration and Data quality consultant at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. We have been working directly with the Global Data Manager,  as well as having regular meetings about the project with senior stakeholders in the organisation. This has helped develop me as a competent and confident consultant, as well as helping to get things moving quickly.

The best part of doing my job is the variety that consulting has offered me, the exposure to the different clients and business sectors and industries throughout a relatively short period. You can do numerous roles in various projects, and the agile structure of the business help your development and your career.

“Gain the consulting DNA the AW way”.

An imperative final point to add - when I joined Agility Works I wasn’t sure which area I wanted to work in and I had very little experience of SAP. Therefore, my advice is even if you don’t know which area of SAP you want to go into, then you can always have those initial conversations and start to explore those areas after joining. 


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Munthir Wagieallah
By Munthir Wagieallah

Munthir joined AgilityWorks as an Associate Consultant in the Data Quality & Data Migration Process Analytics Team. His love for data grew during his Master's degree from Brunel University.

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