Field Service Revolution by Coresystems
Antonio Morais
By Antonio Morais

Delivering good customer service enhances your customer's satisfaction by prolonging the perceived value of the product or service acquired. In today’s competitive market, it has been proven that good customer service not only improves customer satisfaction, but it is also a key competitive differentiator.

We also know that delivering and managing an agile, high-performance Field Service organisation is full of complexities and sometimes limited by the number of applications needed for its end-to-end execution.  For these reasons, on June 5th, 2018 SAP acquired Coresystems to be part of their SAP C/4HANA solution portfolio.


What is Coresystems?

Coresystems is a Switzerland-based organisation that is recognised as a pioneer in crowd service and as a leading field service management platform.

Coresystems FSM cloud solution provides AI-powered advanced scheduling of field service activities in real-time, and easy-to-use mobile apps that enable service technicians in the field to perform installation, maintenance, and repair tasks.

The application provides open APIs which can be used to quickly integrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), accounting systems, web services, and transfer files, or any third-party systems into the Coresystems Cloud.

It stands-out by its Crowd Service functionality, allowing customers to create a flexible and powerful service ecosystem with internal experts and external resources, including experienced freelance technicians.


What do I get?

Coresystems is an innovative FSM solution that will enable you to deliver state-of-the-art field service to your customers and employees. Let’s get a view on what is delivered out-of-the-box in the main components of the solutions.

  1.  Crowd Service - Expand Your Workforce with a Crowd of Experts

Crowd Service enables customers to find, in real-time, available field service technicians within your ecosystem of skilled and certified employees, partners and freelancers. By making use of an Uber-Like application, organisations can publish customer service requests to their Crowd and provide real-time responses.

Fig 1 Expand workforceFigure 1 Expand your Workforce

Building a collaborative ecosystem will help you to manage periods of increased demand and grow your organisation.

Some of the functionality that you can expect out-of-the-box:

  • Easy on-boarding of partners and certified experts
  • Real-time AI dispatching of service requests
  • Service partner access to planning board
  • Service partner access to mobile app
  • Notifications by email or SMS to your service technicians with all the necessary information to perform the job
  • Remote support for service technicians who respond to service requests but perhaps need assistance from specialists to resolve the issue
  • Reporting and dashboards
  1. Customer Self-Service - Your Customer Self Service Portal, open for Business 24/7

Coresystems Now Self-Service Portal empowers customers to manage and review their installed bases and to find answers to their own service needs. The portal is both a knowledge base and a customer portal.  It delivers an easy-to-use QR code or serial number code scanner function so that your customers can quickly access product or equipment information or initiate service calls and order replacement parts in a more efficient manner.

Fig 2 Customer PortalFigure 2 Customer Portal

Enabling Customer Self-Service will help you to provide 24/7 service support to your customers resulting in a significant reduction of service calls and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Fig3a Mobile Customer Portal Fig3b Mobile Customer Portal


Fig3c Mobile Customer Portal


Figure 3 Mobile Customer Portal


Some of the functionality that you can expect out-of-the-box from the Customer Self-Service Portal:

  • Customer self service portal where customers can manage existing service tickets, view equipment details, FAQs, contact details or raise new service tickets
  • Self service portal available as a mobile web application, no need to download an app
  • Service request creation via "Virtual Customer Assistant"
  • Ability to schedule a field service visit with a service technician, order replacement parts, or request product information
  • Service request status updates in real-time
  • Generation of QR codes so you can integrate your entire install base to the internet without IoT
  • Mapping of QR codes to equipment or items
  • Real-time ETA and notifications - customers can track the location and arrival time of the service technician or replacement parts in real-time
  • Remote video assistance with "SightCall"
  • Feedback and rating feature - your end customers can view or provide ratings in the self service portal and service assistant after a service has been successfully completed


  1. Field Service Knowledge Management - Fuel Productivity and Quality Service with Knowledge Management

Field Service Knowledge Management by Coresystems helps service technicians to carry out complex routine operations by ensuring that they have the insight and information necessary to deliver a high-quality service in any situation. These checklists aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.

Fig4 SmartformsFigure 4 Maintain Smartforms and Feedback


Proving access to knowledge from anywhere and at any time will enable your service technicians to reduce repair time, prevent failures, decrease service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Fig5a Field Service Checklist Fig5b Field Service Checklist  

Figure 5 Field Service Checklist


Some of the functionality that you can expect out-of-the-box:

  • Dynamic Smartform designer and management tool used to create documentation and guidelines for service execution
  • Creation of dynamic checklists for guidance and instruction based on real-life empirical data, scenarios, and situations
  • Collection, via checklists, of valuable field service information like documentation, product manuals, video tutorials, and invaluable accumulated knowledge from experienced service technicians enables workers
  • Checklist connected to ERP systems providing constant access to all important manuals and documentation
  • Online and offline access to data and checklists enables technicians to work anytime and anywhere
  • Remote support through augmented reality via the "SightCall" partnership


  1. Work Order Management Software - minimise repeat visits and maximise profits by ensuring part availability

With Coresystems Work Order Management Software tools, your service technicians will be able to have real-time complete visibility across all stages of the inventory life-cycle.  This minimises disruptions creating a more effective field service and maximises transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Providing an easy and seamless integration to your ERP, all inventory essential data can be accessed quickly to locate parts and costs within vans, or nearby warehouses.

Fiig6a Material Master Parts Handling Fig6b Material Master Parts Handling

Figure 6 Material Master Parts Handling

Some of the functionality that you can expect out-of-the-box:

  • Track of all parts, at each stage of the work order life-cycle
  • Manage part requests and return material authorisations (RMAs)
  • Manage parts and costs within vans or depots
  • Manage inventory and allocation to service work requests
  • Mobile enhanced visibility on inventory
  • SLA and material reservation
  • Integration to your ERP system


  1. Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software - Get the right people to the right place, on time, with the parts they need

Coresystems Workforce Management Software provides an intuitive planning board, which will aid your planners to find the nearest, and best-qualified service technician to be scheduled for each field service request. Service requests can be scheduled using manual, interactive or fully automated with AI-powered scheduling and dispatching capabilities. This helps planners to make dispatching easier to manage and increase first-time fix rates.

Fig 7 Planning BoardFigure 7 Planning Board

Fig 8 Auto Scheduling

Figure 8 Automated Scheduling and Crowd Service


By providing a real-time, AI-powered workforce through scheduling, planning, and dispatching, you will be able to efficiently allocate available field service engineers, maximise output, minimise costs and increase customer satisfaction. 

Some of the functionality that you can expect out-of-the-box:

  • Fully automated and AI-powered advanced scheduling board
  • Skill management for advanced workforce scheduling
  • Schedule based on factors like service region, technician location, best routes, and skill set
  • Fully customisable planning lists, enabling you to view the information that is important for you (work order status, address, equipment, SLA and custom fields)
  • Intelligent auto-scheduling
  • Incorporation of a map complete with real-time job locations and current job status
  • Automated notifications to technicians, including the necessary tools and parts on their mobile devices
  • Relay real-time job status information to the back office
  • Visibility of travel time
  • Plan and manage complex services and Installations
  • Organise large teams for multiple days on-site


  1. Mobile Field Service Management Software & App - Connect the Field to Customers, Peers, and the Rest of your Company

Coresystems Mobile Field Service App empowers service technicians with access to all the essential information required while on the move – online or offline. With seamless integration to back-office ERP and CRM, you will be able to save valuable time and provide customers with all the information they need at that moment.

Fig9a Mobile App Fig9b Mobile App Fig9c Mobile App

Figure 9 Mobile App


Available for iOS, Android and Windows, the Coresystems Mobile App will help you transform the way you provide field service for your customers and your employees and partners.

Some of the functionality that Coresystems mobile field service app offers:

  • On-the-go availability of important customer data
  • Access to uniform checklists which ensures consistent response and repair
  • Real-time GPS tracking for customers to stay informed about arrival times
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities thanks to a seamless connection between field service technicians and sales
  • Real-time information and updates for field service technicians and back-office workers
  • Electronic signatures
  • Offline synchronisation and the ability to submit all relevant data to the back-office ERP and CRM once an internet connection has been established
  • Provides technicians with constant access to EHS relevant documentation like MSDS, lifting plans and company regulations, online as well as offline
  • On-site collection of payments - accepting chip and mag-stripe cards, contactless NFC payments and EMV chip-based payments (partnership with SumUp)


  1. Field Service Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Coresystems Dashboard provides service teams with a comprehensive and real-time overview of how departments, teams, and employees are performing and can help you to make your service more efficient, effective, and more closely aligned with your customers' needs. It’s also integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud and packed with standard analytical content that you can change and adapt to your own needs.

Fig 10 Reporting DashboardFigure 10 SAP FSM Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

Fig 11 Analytics Cloud SAP FSM Standard Content

Figure 11 SAP Analytics Cloud SAP FSM Standard Content


The Analytics & Reporting module provides a set of pre-assembled queries that enable users to quickly build dashboard reports.  All the dashboard reports are mobile-enabled, so your field service engineers can track their performance while they are on the move.


Fig12a Mobile Real-Time Analytics Fig12b Mobile Real-Time Analytics Fig12c Mobile Real-Time Analytics

Figure 12 Mobile Real-Time Analytics

Some of the delivered functionality:

  • Single data hub that consolidates all your essential business data
  • Creation of standardised and customised reports
  • Graphically enhanced reports
  • Mobile and desktop access to both the dashboard and dynamic reports
  • Create complete service reports on-site
  • Fill out and print order forms for parts and services, automated upload of a report to ERP for invoicing


Do you want to know more?

If you are looking for an FSM solution or just looking to upgrade your current solution, please get in touch and we will be able to give you a demo that takes you through the amazing features provided by SAP new FSM Solution powered by Coresystems. 

Antonio Morais
By Antonio Morais

A Global Team Lead for Customer Engagement & Commerce at AgilityWorks Limited Antonio has more than 10 years’ experience in SAP implementations projects, across multiple industries, including Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Telecommunications. In most recent years Antonio has assumed UK and International roles including Solutions Architect, Team Leader, Lead Consultant, Solution Design and Implementation consultant. Antonio is certified in SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP CRM7.0, through the SAP Certification process.

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