Top Five Takeaways from Boomi World Tour London 2018
Tom Devonald
By Tom Devonald

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On the 18th and 19th April 2018, Dell Boomi hosted the first ever Boomi World Tour event in London. This two-day event for partners and customers attracted around 250 delegates from a number of different industries, all looking forward to networking with other like-minded individuals and learning more about the Boomi platform and what it has to offer. This blog is going to outline our five top takeaways from the world tour and how these may impact what we see from Boomi going forward.

1. Boomi is far more than just an integration platform
Whilst partners already know this, many customers may not realise that the Boomi platform is far more than just an integration tool. Whilst it started as an integration and EDI/B2B tool, the platform has been developed out to include workflow, MDM, and API capabilities that allow it to provide a full suite of tools to aid with organisation’s digital transformation efforts. It was made clear at the World Tour event that Boomi has brought these elements together into a unified platform for a connected business rather than just an integration tool with additional capabilities. In my opinion this is a great news, and focuses on one of the key differentiators for Boomi in a crowded iPaaS maket.

2. Some of the latest technologies are on the roadmap
Like any good technology company, Boomi are not set with what they have and judging by the ideas on their roadmap, there could be some very exciting new features coming to the Boomi platform in the future. Edge and Fog computing, Blockchain and IoT capabilities are all being looked at and developed so it will be very interesting to see how these are incorporated. IoT is already a significant part of many organisations and there are numerous use cases for it so I would imagine this capability will be much easier and more obvious to build into the platform than the other technologies. Machine learning is also being developed further to aid with productivity but we will go into this in more detail later in the blog.

3. Boomi Flow is more than just a small acquisition
Last year, we wrote a blog about Boomi’s acquisition of ManyWho. At the time, you may have been forgiven for thinking it may take a back seat in the suite, however, this is not the case. There seems to be considerable effort going into Boomi Flow as an individual application building platform and workflow tool although it has cross capability with the rest of the Boomi platform. Boomi Flow can help to solve discrete, key problems within an organisation and can help to bring people into integrations rather than just being systems. One key message that came out was the ‘Build on, Build in’ concept, as while Boomi will always code elements of their platform, they will also use Boomi Flow to build Boomi itself! This shows how strongly Boomi value the capabilities of Flow as if it is good enough for them to extend their platform with, it will certainly fulfil most use cases for customers.

4. 5th Year as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader
It was revealed at the customer day that Boomi has been recognised as an iPaaS leader by Gartner for the 5th year running along with Informatica. Not only is this a very impressive achievement, one other interesting thing that was shown by the Gartner Quadrant was that Mulesoft are no longer recognised as a leader. This comes only weeks after their $6.5 billion acquisition by Salesforce so it will be interesting to see the detail of the report and why Gartner have reclassified them.

5. Focus on productivity
As noted earlier in this blog, there are some great ideas on the Boomi roadmap relating to the latest technologies. There is also a real focus on releasing new features that will improve productivity. Packaged deployments were released recently and improved process reporting is on the way with the use of tags but the two features that really caught my eye were around improved mapping capabilities and improving machine learning on the platform. In the coming months, it looks like Boomi are going to release map script testing which will allow users to test maps by using payloads on the map page directly. This has long been a feature on other iPaaS and legacy integration tools so it great to see this being introduced to the platform. Machine learning has long been part of the Boomi platform through Boomi Suggest and Resolve and whilst there are not many more details at the moment, Boomi are looking at ways they can improve machine learning, presumably on existing features and new ones. Boomi collects huge amounts of metadata on integration processes so utilising this through machine learning to improve features will be extremely powerful to customers and will no doubt assist with increasing productivity.

Overall, we thought the World Tour in London was a great event for networking and learning more about the platform. We will be back there next year and would encourage any customers wanting to learn more about the platform to try and attend.


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Tom Devonald
By Tom Devonald

Tom is a consultant working in the integration space at AgilityWorks and spends a lot of time working with various iPaaS tools to help organisations realise the benefits that they have to offer. Outside of work, Tom is a keen runner and enjoys spending his time watching nearly any type of sport!

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