Analytics Symposium 2018
Hollie Higa
By Hollie Higa

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It is no secret that businesses are experiencing exponential growth in the volumes of data they are processing. Data management and Governance strategies have taken priority, but now another challenge is presented. How can this data be harnessed to provide useful insight, which can be trusted to provide a single version of the truth?

Join us on the 25th of April at this years' UKISUG Analytics Symposium, where we'll be giving an insight into how we are working with a client to deliver a single version of the truth in the form of an innovative reporting solution which consolidates group results for seamless real-time reporting.

Attendees will learn how the use of SAP Cloud Platform and Business Objects Design Studio made a single version of the truth possible, and promoted an automated end to end process, reducing effort and time required to produce the same reports manually.

Perhaps most importantly, we'll also explain how the solution supports change, enabling the solution to remain relevant as the business evolves.

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Hollie Higa
By Hollie Higa

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