A new year, a new Fiori: What you need to know about SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition
Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

Anyone involved with SAP is likely to be at least a little familiar with Fiori’s evolution over recent years. As a set of applications, it is fast becoming the ubiquitous entry point into more and more of the SAP landscape. 


And the underlying user interface technology (SAPUI5) that enables Fiori is improving with each and every release. SAP really has changed its attitude to its user experience and is listening to feedback from customers, partners and the wider developer audience - all of which makes for a vastly improved experience for the end user. But what about the IT department tasked with setting up and looking after the supporting infrastructure?

There is a less interesting side of new applications like Fiori, which often gets overlooked – the actual implementation and on-going maintenance of the technology. We’ve all experienced the pain of seeing a new solution that is somehow scuppered by the increased implementation effort, as well as the on-going support & maintenance costs. 

TCO (Total Cost Ownership) has often been a blocker to potential Fiori projects. But with the release of Fiori’s new Cloud edition this is a hurdle that more IT departments should be able to overcome.

Through a combination of a smaller technology footprint and a more subscription-based licensing model, the adoption of Fiori has been made much easier. 

SAP now has the answer:

During the end of 2015, SAP addressed some of these challenges by launching early access to a productive version of Fiori Cloud Edition. In early 2016, we are expecting this to move into general availability.  We believe this is an important turning point for both SAP and their customers who have previously considered a full Fiori implementation, but decided the effort of implementing on-premise outweighed the benefits.

As with any solution, there are pro’s and con’s and it still isn’t a one size fits all situation. For instance, the catalogue of Fiori app’s is limited compared to the full on premise offering – but we expect this is exactly the solution many SAP customers have been waiting for.

To help explain the offering in more detail, Aviad Rivlin, SAP’s Director of Product Management, UX and Cloud and our own Fiori expert and SAP Mentor, Gareth Ryan, delivered a 30 minute webinar on the 19th January 2016 covering:

  • Why Fiori Cloud Edition could be the easier option
  • Where the solution fits into SAP’s roadmap
  • More details around implementation options and their respective pro’s and con’s

This also included a short demo of the solution in action.

Watch the webinar here

This webinar will be interesting to those who have already looked at Fiori, as well those who have no prior knowledge. If you are thinking about a Fiori implementation in 2016, this webinar will be very useful to help you understand just what your options are and which flavour of Fiori could be best suited to both your short and long term goals.

Gareth Ryan
By Gareth Ryan

Gareth is the Director of SAP Technology and SAP mentor with a long history spent battling SAP’s many development approaches, UI technologies and related revolutions. He specialises in delivering simple process driven solutions with a heavy focus on quality UX and getting the most from technology. As an SAP Mentor, he also devotes time to the broader SAP ecosphere, as well as helping with community engagement and events. When away from the office, he loves exploring, collecting and listening to all sorts of music.

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